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Media Sound is a leading supplier of quality voice recordings in Melbourne. Our head office is home to 6 state of the art recording studios and a very creative team of scriptwriters, voice artists and audio engineers.

We specialise in the production of audio advertisements for a vast range of media, including radio, television, cinema, gaming and online. Our team have the facilties, resources and know-how to make a compelling audio production that will surely resonate with your core target market.

We invite you to go and listen to our voiceover samples by visiting our voice artist library. Once you have found the voice most suited to represent your business, simply submit a fee online quote request and we will get back to you with a price foryour audio production project.

Recent Voice Over and Audio Projects

Client: Skoda courtney hancock ironwoman voice artist media sound
Voice Talent: Courtney Hancock

The very talented Courtney Hancock (Ironwoman and 2013 champion) visited out studios for a voice recording - and we were surprised at what a natual voice artist she is. Take a listen for yourself, and click on the clip to your left.

Client: Car Commercial Montage media sound
Voice Talent: Voice Talents

For a sample of what our audio productions sound like, click the clip on the left and listen to the car commercial montage. This is a collection of audio advertisements that we have recently created for streaming on radio and television.

Client: Nintendo media sound voiceover client nintendo
Voice Talent: Female Voice Talent 18

Listen to the Interactive Voice Response which was produced for Nintendo. We used our professional female voice talent 18 and she successfully creates a great clear, concise voice recording instructing answering message for Nintendo's telephone systems.

Client: BP Plus media sound voiceover client BP
Voice Talent: Female Voice Talent 7

Media Sound worked with BP Plus to create this corporate sounding telephone on hold message for BP Plus. Using informative details, and useful customer info, we created a professional message on hold.

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Media Sound is a professional audio recording company specialising in the recording of voice over artists for use in Radio Commercials, Television Commercials, Corporate Videos, Real Estate Videos, YouTube, Telephone Messages On Hold, Instore Sound and Instore Music and any other media were professional sound recording s are required.